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Receiving a Treatment

BCST is a subtle, non-invasive therapy. The practitioner uses a very light touch to tune into the forces of health that move through the patient’s body. The practitioner is trained to observe and co-operate with this natural force to bring equilibrium to the body.

The Protocol

At the start of the first treatment session, we will sit together and discuss your health concerns and expectations from the session. After the discussion, you will lie fully clothed on the treatment table in a supported and comfortable manner. After you are settled, I will make contact with a light and respectful touch, typically on your shoulder, leg, feet, head or lower back. There is no application of external force and the touch is still and unmoving. Sometimes it can hardly be felt at all. I use this touch to listen to your system. I perceive the movement of the natural rhythm flowing though the body and the response of the tissue and fluids as they move with it. This movement gives me information about the support that your system requires to overcome any obstruction or impediment to the natural movement. When the natural flow is impeded, the system becomes fragmented and symptoms or complaints arise.  As I support the body’s natural ability to self-regulate, health is restored where it was compromised and the limitations begin to melt away. The system moves toward a state of balance, which leads to a resolution of the symptoms.

What you may experience

During the session you may feel a range of mild and transient sensations, such as tingling, pulsing, heat or cold. You may feel small movements or adjustments taking place. Often you will experience a deep sense of calm and relaxation or you may sleep deeply.  You may not be aware of any specific sensation other than a general sense of well-being and ease in the body after the session has concluded. Any of the above is normal and welcomed as part of the healing process. Sessions on the table can take anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour, depending on the needs of your system.

How many sessions are required

It is important to note that while a single session can have a significant therapeutic effect, you may require multiple sessions to achieve the results you are seeking, particularly in relation to chronic, intractable or long-term conditions. Each person presents an individual response, and no two people respond in exactly the same manner. A short series of sessions is generally recommended to observe the progress of a specific condition. We will discuss and review this together. The time taken to feel the progress depends on how long the problem has been present, the degree of tissue damage, the patient's vitality and last but not least, the patient's body awareness. The changes can be subtle, yet profound.

Vitality (the body’s ability to heal and regenerate) varies from person to person, as it may be dampened by factors such as stress, environmental toxins, medication, accidents, surgeries, early imprints and trauma. The good news is that receiving a BCST session results in a significant boost to vitality. The therapy also benefits those who have no particular complaints and are looking for a sense of relaxation and well-being.


After the Session

After you are off the table, I will take some time to check in with you about how you are doing. This is an opportunity for you to find words for your experience and to reflect on how you feel after your session. The effects can be felt even after your session has ended – the work starts during the session and continues afterwards as the body processes and integrates it.

Take time in the next couple of days to notice how you are in the world. How was your sleep that night? How was your digestion the next day? Did you feel more energetic than usual? More rested? By paying attention to the lasting effects of this work, you will be able to assess what it offers you.

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