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What is Biodynamics?

Millions of years of evolution have shaped the form, functions and processes of the human body. The body has a natural ability to self-correct and to heal. This intelligence is an ordering principle of Nature. Health is a force of Nature that is present in the body from the moment of conception; it grows the embryo from a single cell to a fully-developed baby. After birth, the forces of health facilitate regeneration – the body has the ability to recover from injury, accident and disease, moving always toward a state of equilibrium and wholeness.

Biodynamics engages with this inherent movement toward wholeness. The work is about trusting the body’s intelligence to choose the best way to recover and to function, given adequate resources and a conducive environment.

The biodynamic practitioner does not impose a plan on the patient’s system. There is a surrender to the priorities of the body. No external mechanical force is imposed. She does not focus on the symptoms or on an individual body part, as the symptom may be in one location but the cause usually lies in an imbalance of the whole. The practitioner listens to the system as a whole and supports and facilitates it's movement toward health and harmonious functioning. With this holistic approach, the practitioner supports and enhances the body's natural ability to self-regulate, creating optimal conditions for good health.

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