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Client Testimonial

Rajesh Ramchandani - 52 years

I have been receiving BCST from Niyati over 2-3 months. I have experienced good progress over 8-10 sessions. I found positive changes at multiple levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Initially, I was looking for help with my stiffness, flexibility issues and stability of my neck, spine and hip flexors. While all these improved, I also felt calmer and less anxious, which resulted in deeper sleep. These positive changes motivated me to ensure I don’t miss any session and I look forward to my sessions with her.

For any therapy to work, the approach and outlook of the therapist is vital and Niyati has a committed, gentle and humane approach. She is very patient and sincere. Craniosacral therapy is entirely non-invasive and has left a very positive impression on me. I recommend trying a few sessions with her and observing yourself carefully to realise the benefits for yourself.

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