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Distance Healing

Distance healing is a wonderful way to receive a session in the comfort and safety of your own home. In this unprecedented time, when most of us are subject to some form of national lockdown or restricted from leaving home to protect us from the ongoing pandemic, I am offering distant sessions to meet the needs of my patients.

Everything is energy and we are all connected. All living things – people, animals, plants and even individual cells have an energetic signature or biofield and each is a part of the earth’s energetic field and the greater surrounding universal field. Distance healing works because we are all energetically connected. We are interdependent and we are interconnected.

The rhythms of the natural world surround us and permeate our very being. As living beings, born of the natural world, our physiology is nurtured by the rhythms of the natural world and we depend upon them for our health and well-being. We are all dependent on the universal field - the natural energetic rhythms in our bodies that govern our life processes resonate with the universal field.

Since the 1970s, it is recognised that particles that occupy the same quantum state remain interconnected at any distance. They are said to perceive each other, no matter how far removed they are from each other in space or in time. This is known as quantum entanglement. Interconnection between organisms who are entangled, such as the therapist and the patient, constitutes a special kind of perception, as the therapist receives information at a quantum level from and about the patient, regardless of the physical distance that separates them.

Patients who have received craniosacral therapy in-person and who have also received distance healing report that a distance session feels much like an in-person BCST session. They report feeling structural changes, sensations and movements of body tissue during the distance session that are similar to what they experienced when my hands were on them performing an in-person BCST session. Just as it does during an in-person session, the patient’s nervous system down-regulates and calms down, bringing rest and relaxation to the body and mind during a distance session. Patients report that they receive the same benefits during a distance session, with the same ease and rapidity as in a BCST session in-person – some even express a preference for distance sessions over in-person BCST sessions.

During this global health crisis - a trying time of uncertainty, anxiety and chaos for all humanity - calming and resourcing your nervous system, strengthening your biofield and boosting your immunity can be of great value. Through distance healing work, you can strengthen your body, mind and spirit by improving your vitality and resilience.

I offer distance healing over a video call. Payment may be made by online bank transfer. Please feel free to contact me if you would like any further information.

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