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Client Testimonial

Niyati Shah, for her son Aarin, 3 years

I approached Niyati for my son, Aarin, aged 3 yrs, who has developmental delays, on recommendation from his occupational therapist to try Craniosacral therapy. Aarin had been doing PT and OT for 1.5 yrs before we tried Craniosacral. We had concerns about delayed milestones - he walked independently at age 2 and at age 3 we were working on jumping with his PT. He has oro-sensory issues, low muscle tone, behavioural issues and anxiety meltdowns

I tried 6 sessions of Craniosacral for him to compare a before and after and I am amazed at the result and the overall progress that we have made. We became settled at school and were able to perform activities independently. We developed better social interaction with peers as we were not as overwhelmed. We achieved our basic jumping goal and started getting his compliance to do more activities. His sleep at night was better and there was a small leap in his overall immunity. Initially we did Craniosacral therapy twice a week, after 2 months we reduced the frequency to once a week.

We have found that Aarin is much more emotionally regulated with better compliance to perform in school in the last 4 months. He is able to sustain his focus and be more accepting of new foods, activities, experiences, people and situations. Craniosacral has been an additional support for him to go through rigorous occupational and developmental trainings.

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